There are times when you need advice; someone that can understand both the physical and spiritual circumstances.  We are happy to speak with you about events you’ve experienced, a presence felt in your life, the energy that surrounds you or any topic relating to energy or the paranormal.



If you are seeking validation of an experience or a blessing, it is helpful to ask our team to investigate the location. Investigations are always free of charge. We will come to your home and provide a thorough process; interviews, investigation and conclusions. Our team consists of well trained, experienced investigators with the tools to effectively determine the sources of paranormal activity. We apply a scientific and spiritual approach to our investigations. Your safety is our greatest concern and we will never investigate in a manner that places you or your family at risk.


There are instances where the negative energy in the home is plaguing you or your family; a blessing may be in order. Our team has spiritual councilors  that can assist in providing a renewed feeling in your home, clear the home of negative energy and provide a fresh, new start to a new life. We also provide personal, spiritual blessings because there are times when your own energy is affecting your life. Our blessing technique evolves from Native American customs and focuses on aligning the spiritual energy around us.


A soul may wander on an earthly plane becoming lost or has missed an entry into spiritual existence at their time of passing. New Jersey True can assist in providing an opportunity for a spiritual crossing, opening the veil to the spiritual world and providing spiritual guidance.  We offer this and all services free of charge.  We are interested in helping you and spiritual energy find both its place and peace.