Personal Experiences:

Our team has the tools to document paranormal activity and correlate changes in the electromagnetic spectrum with a personal experience.  We attempt to duplicate your experiences and provide explanations associated with those events.



Our team utilizes both video and photographic equipment to document a paranormal experience or anomaly.  Our team provides a client the opportunity to watch our active investigation on a large screen monitor connected to four IR cameras while providing feedback to our investigators.  Each investigator brings a personal camera to record their experience.

Paranormal Photographic Considerations Gallery


Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the recording of voices or sounds that are unexpected in an environment. While they can vary on content and quality, they can provide insight in an investigation and assist in determining the source of a paranormal event or experience.

EVP #1 – Brick, NJ


Spiritual Protection:

The known, physical world is very tangible; to open a door, simply turn the handle. Imagine a spiritual world having no physical boundaries; are you ready to open that door?

There are many types of spiritual protection available. Some believe that a cross and a belief in God establishes a spiritual protection, others believe it is a sphere of white light cast with a special chant. Regardless of the method, it is very common to possess a type of physical symbol of protection. Crosses are very common and are often worn; stones are also equally common.

More information coming soon 🙂


Our team recently purchased a unique piece of Paranormal investigative equipment, hand crafted by an engineer and available through this site: The Greysen Box.  This device offers EM field detection with a colored light display, a digital display temperature gauge, a frontal transducer,  two Ultra-Violet LED’s and two toggle switches. This device is certainly on the “must have” list  for its functionality, durability and affordability.

Greysen Box

This device measures ambient EM field fluctuations in Milligauss annotated by colored LED’s falling within a specific range. The digital thermometer measures changes in the ambient air temperature. The frontal transducer permits an entity to communicate with an investigator, the UV LED’s provide free radicals, energy available in an environment for an entity to draw upon and two toggle switches, one for the measurement tools and the other for the UV LED’s. The cost of this device is only $189.99, shipping included. This device is NOT found in any ghost hunting store. Contact us for ordering information.