About Our Organization:

The formation of New Jersey True Paranormal is based on the principle that our investigators are equal partners in our organization. We each have a personal interest and experience with paranormal activity, we are all interested in helping others and we are serious with our commitment to our organization.For a complete history, click here.

Our Team:

We are a group of professional, paranormal investigators located in central New Jersey. We offer the opportunity to understand and possibly validate your paranormal experiences. Our team is a group of investigators ready to listen and respond with trust, respect, understanding, and experience. We are prepared to assist you in discovering the truth and meaning to your paranormal experience.

We bring to each experience very diverse, professional backgrounds, an arsenal of equipment, the patience to conduct a thorough investigation and an understanding about the importance of feeling safe in your environment. We place a focus on each step of the investigation, never side-stepping or neglecting your interests. After working with our team, we prefer to consider you part of our family and not just a client. We offer you confidentiality and our commitment that we will provide you with the best services and resources available.


Josh, as a professional, certified educator in New Jersey with over two decades of experience, brings his passion for teaching in educating the public about paranormal activity. Through a partnership with Howell Township PAL (Police Athletic League), he is able to offer summer classes/camps for both adults and children.  After receiving background knowledge,students of the paranormal use professional equipment and their new skills in a real investigation. Following the investigation, students learn how to interpret their experience and document evidence of paranormal activity.

If you are interested in more information or a listing of classes, please contact Howell PAL or send us an email. Classes are offered to anyone interested, not just Howell residents.

Paranormal Camp 2016