Evolving since 2001, the formation of New Jersey True Paranormal is based on the principle that our investigators are equal partners in our organization. We each have a personal interest and experiences with paranormal activity, we are all interested in helping others and we are serious with our commitment to NJ True Paranormal. While we are a small organization, collectively have many years of paranormal investigation experience.


We will never place ourselves or others at risk before, during or after an investigation in addition we offer personal and home blessings. We will send at least two investigators and the client(s) will be able to watch the investigation on our video system. You can preview our entire team and know your investigators before they arrive so you aren't welcoming strangers into your home. Safety, physically and spiritually is our priority.


Evidence collected during an investigation is always shared with our clients. The evidence can range from personal experiences to documented evidence in the form of photos, video or audio. The evidence is always subject to interpretation and a client is free to draw their own conclusions. Using our team's experience, we will offer our own conclusions and have spiritual counselors on our team to assist the client.

New Jersey True Paranormal

Let us help unlock the understanding behind your experience!

We are a group of professional, paranormal investigators located in central New Jersey. We offer the opportunity to understand and possibly validate your paranormal experiences. We are a team of investigators ready to listen and respond with trust, respect, understanding, and experience. We are prepared to assist you in discovering the truth and meaning to your paranormal experience.